Our Practice

Eric C. Frank, LCSW

Do you have anxiety or panic attack daily?

Are your becoming a prisoner to your obsessions, compulsions, or addictive behaviors?

Is your anger and rage becoming out of control or too difficult to manage?

Eric Frank is known for his simplified approach to solving problems and providing alternatives to the repetitive cycles that can become costly to individual growth. He has a passion for empowering others and seeks to offer a personable, focused, and responsive experience in therapy. Clients have often said that his approach is calming and is tailored toward finding the most respectful method to resolving their problems.

Rhaelynne Scherr, LCSW

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Bobbie Schorr, PsyD, MFT

Are you looking to improve your communication, trust, satisfaction or just overall quality of your relationship?

Do you find yourselves stuck in fights over the same perpetual issues?

Is your relationship struggling to recover from an affair or other betrayal?

I am committed to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships through increased respect, affection, and closeness with your partner. My goal is to create a greater understanding between you and your partner in order to reduce conflict, enhance friendship and intimacy and help create shared meaning and life visions.

Brandi Allee, MFT, CATC-IV

Does your shopping, gambling, or substance use put a strain on your family or professional life?

Have you been thinking about making a change in your life but have had a difficult time getting started?

Do you and your partner continue to argue about the same problems without ever reaching a resolution?

Brandi Allee’s approach is present-focused and future-oriented. She enjoys assisting individuals, couples, and families in identifying and removing barriers to desired change. Ms. Allee has experience working in multiple settings, and she enjoys working with individuals from all cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

Elsa Torres, MFT

Are you looking to improve your family interactions as a new member or members join your family?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same ways of thinking?

Does your relationship with others need to be strengthened?

Elsa Torres has considerable experience working with youth, young adults and families. She is passionate about finding solutions to your problems and helping you navigate life’s difficulties by setting goals and offering alternative solutions, empowerment, meeting you where you are and providing an authentic therapeutic relationship.

Itzel Ballew, MS, IMF

Feeling like the challenges of motherhood are more than you can handle? Are you experiencing difficulty bonding with new baby, guilt, anger and/or unwanted thoughts?

Is your marital/relationship suffering after the arrival of a new baby?

Do you worry about your child’s behavior? Tantrums? Lying? Difficulty getting along with others or authority?

Mrs. Ballew provides bilingual (Spanish) therapeutic services in a compassionate and supportive environment for women, children and couples while helping them through emotional and behavioral challenges. She is experienced in helping women

Shauna Bessette, MS, IMF

Are you struggling with controlling your anger?

Do you feel disconnected from God and struggle with finding “your purpose”?

Does your marriage feel like it needs to be enriched and strengthened?

Mrs. Bessette enjoys finding solutions for anger, helping couples navigate their difference while recognizing their strengths, and even helping those find a stronger relationship with God! Please look at my schedule and let’s start working together!

Vanessa Clark, MA, IMF

Are you tired of having the same fight over and over again with your partner with no progress or resolution?

Do you feel like life is exhausting and overwhelming and wish there was a way to take control of your life?

Do you feel like your kids are hijacking your household and wish you had tools to improve family interactions and establish discipline with your children?

Ms. Clark believes in meeting clients where they are, and that healing comes through an authentic therapeutic relationship. In addition to helping clients embark on a journey of self-awareness, she also equips clients with healthy coping skills and helps facilitate spiritual growth if the client desires.