At Lifeskills Counseling, our therapists can provide individual, groups, couples and family counseling.

Our treatment specialization includes:

  • Addiction

    Adolescent drug use is reaching epidemic levels. With drug legalization, many youth have no stigma with the use of drugs. Whether you merely suspect drug or alcohol use in your child, have evidence of experimentation, or have a child with significant dug involvement it is time to seek help.

    Often called a gateway drug, marijuana use has become commonplace. Marijuana has grown in potency and addictiveness. You or your child will need help kicking the habit.

    Alcohol abuse is widespread and impacts whole families, not just the drinker. If you or a loved one is binge drinking, drinking to the point where it affects others, or has full blown alcoholism, it is time to take action!

    Prescription drug abuse is rampant in the modern world. Many people don’t recognize that they are addicted to prescription pills simply because they have been prescribed by a doctor. But it is very easy to develop an addiction to anxiety medications, pain medications, and muscle relaxers. If you suspect that you or a loved one is abusing prescription drugs, see the prescribing doctor, and let us help you take control back into your li

    Stimulants produce euphoria, alertness, and are highly addictive. Stimulants can be either legal (ADHD medications) or illegal (cocaine, crystal meth). They are fast acting and can be consumed as pills, snorted as powders, smoked in a pipe or injected. When they are abused, stimulants can produce anxiety, insomnia, sexual problems, mood and personality changes, or psychosis. Let’s see if we can help both the addicted person and his/her family.

    Heroin started out as a wonder drug to help veterans manage pain. It is a refined form of opium or morphine. Heroin and opioids have strong addictive properties. They are especially difficult to treat because of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms they produce, and because the addiction may have started as a way to manage pain, which returns even worse when the drug is removed. If you or a loved one has a problem with opioids, let’s see if we can help.

    Our staff have years of experience in treating addictions and co-occurring issues, contact us or call for more for more information. We will work with you to develop the best treatment plan for you situation, there is hope for you and your loved ones!

  • Anger Management (Men’s Group)

    This is an open and on-going Anger Management Group for men that is Christian influenced and Bible based. This group is for anyone who thinks their anger is having a negative impact on their lives, their relationships, other people or their community and would like to make a positive change. Please contact me to reserve a spot and register for the group.

    This group meets each Wednesday from 7-8:15pm and costs $20-$40 per group. If you would like further information or like to join, please email Vaness Clark

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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  • Couples Counseling (including Pre-Marital)

    Prepare-Enrich Packages

    The Prepare-Enrich program is a customized couple assessment that is completed online. Its design identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education. It is also used for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement. Based on a couple’s assessment results, a trained facilitator provides 3-8 feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand their results and in the meantime they are taught proven and effective relationship skills.

    Premarital Counseling Options

    6 Session* Package – $499

    This option is the most detailed and covers several different areas. It includes the Prepare-Enrich assessment that is taken online. It will provide you with an overall picture of your relationship, which includes your strengths and growth areas. As a trained facilitator, I will analyze the results of the assessment to find any potential areas of conflict or issues that may come up in the future. Altogether, we will go over the assessment and discuss a plan on how to move forward to tailor to what your needs are. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Solution Focused Therapy, I will be able to provide tools to help each partner reach their goals and meet the needs of their partner. My desire is to prepare each couple to face any challenge that will arise in their marriage and help them feel confident in facing them.

    The Prepare-Enrich Assessment helps couples to:

    • § Strengthen Communication Skills
    • § Identify and manage major stressors
    • § Resolve conflict using a Ten Step Model
    • § Explore family of origin issues
    • § Discuss financial planning and budgeting
    • § Establish personal, couple and family goals
    • § Understand and appreciate personality difference

    3 Session* Package – $269

    Couples who desire to get a quick overall picture of their relationship and help recognize each other’s strengths and growth areas prefer this option. With the help of the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, couples get a great perspective into their relationship and to see if they are on the same page and what areas their want to focus and work on. Based on the results of the assessment, 3 areas of growth are focused on. The initial session will be focused on reviewing the Assessment and the 3 following sessions will be focused on the identified growth areas. Tools and exercises will be provided to ensure each partner feels like they can be successful in their growth and when facing any challenges in their relationship as they reach their wedding day.

    Pay Per Counseling Session* – $85 per session

    If you would not prefer to select a package, you may choose the pay per session option. Depending on the results of the assessments we can create a customized plan to hone in on any problem areas to work on.

    *Each Session is 50 minutes in length. These packages are a guide, but if you would prefer to customize a package that would work best for you, we can discuss that with you.

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  • Depression

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  • Grief and Loss

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  • Family Conflicts/Relational Issues

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  • OCD and Compulsions

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  • Parenting Support

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  • Stress Management

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  • Work and Career issues

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Our staff are highly trained and dedicated to provide the most effective and respectful methods of intervening into these problems. Please give us a call or email to inquiry further or if you are ready today, please Book Online and we will get start finding your balance again!